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The goal of this page is to provide a "one-stop shop" for all team managers on how to manage a competitive team.  We will do our best to provide short video clips for each important area, but of course feel free to reach out to us at any time!

Kevin Lowery- [email protected]  - 507-280-7584 Ext 1
Annie Block- [email protected]  - 507-280-7584 Ext 2



How to Upload your Safesport or Concussion Certificate to your Affinity Profile

How to change a player's pic on Affinity

How to upload a roster in to TeamSnap

How to create a schedule in TeamSnap


Important Links


Background Check

Background checks are good from Jan 1st until Dec 31st

Safesport Certification
Safesport is good for 3 years, however, everyone needs to recertify every year- this is a short 10min version.

Concussion Certification
Concussion certifications are good for 3 years