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Q/A – Should I move my child from REC to Competitive?

Should I move my child from REC to Competitive? This question is a tough one as it depends on each family’s situation. The competitive program is more time consuming then the REC program. Here are some bullet points for you to consider.

Spring / Summer Competitive - This includes Competitive League, Competitive Tournament Only, and Mini Kicks

- The spring/summer competitive program (includes Competitive League, Competitive Tournament Only and Mini Kicks) will start in late April and will conclude in late June early July.  

- Practices are 2-times a week- similar to REC

 - Competitive League Teams will compete in the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) league. Generally games will start at the beginning of May. You can expect 1-2 games per week during the week, maybe some weekend games depending on the rescheduling. MYSA will only schedule one game per week, but you might have two based off of rescheduling. Travel is expected at the competitive level. 

- Competitive Tournament Only Teams will compete in 3-4 tournaments.  The staff will do their best in scheduling the tournaments to allow families to travel back and forth instead of spending money on a hotel stay.  However, we cannot guarantee this.

- Competitive League teams will have an equal number of home games and away games- for example if the team has 10 total games, 5 will be away and 5 will be home. For most teams, travel to the away games are up to the parents.

- Most games will start at 7pm, with some starting a little earlier.

- The Competitive League and Competitive Tournament Only cost more then REC

- All Coaches are hired coaches and not volunteers.  All REC coaches are volunteers.

- Additional costs to the family outside of the registration fee will be a uniforms (we are required to run our uniforms for 2 years- we started with the new uniforms Fall 2019, therefore, everyone will be required to order the new kits Fall 2021).

Fall Competitive

-          Season is much shorter than Spring / Summer- usually starting at the end of August and concluding the middle of October.

-          Cost is lower in the Fall as it is a shorter season

-          Additional costs – uniforms (see above).

-          Games are on the weekends- most likely Saturdays, but maybe a Sunday.

-          Travel is required

-          Coaches are paid professional coaches

Additional Questions?  Please call the office at 280-7584 and speak with Neil Cassidy at ext 3.