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We are excited to open our 2021 Spring / Summer Competitive League Play program.  Entering our 46th year, Minnesota Rush continues to be a leader in the soccer community with now being one of the largest clubs in the state!  Minnesota Rush is a member of the Minnesota Youth Soccer League which is part of the United States Soccer Federation.  We follow all mandates and recommendations for player development set at the National level.  

As an organization, we know some of our families will be unsure of whether they will allow their son / daughter to participate in the 2021 season due to the unknowns of COVID. Therefore, this year we are only asking for a small nominal fee to register. No additional fees will be charged until the season begins. In the case the season is cancelled, families will receive refunds minus the hard expenses the club has paid for. 

By joining Minnesota Rush you will receive the following benefits:

  • United States Soccer Licensed Coach or a Tetra Brazil Licensed Coach for each team- these are professional coaches that are required to obtain a minimum USSF License or 40hrs of Coaching Education through the Tetra Academy.
  • Senior Staff Coaches for each gender- these professional coaches have advanced degrees in coaching.
  • Senior Goalkeeper Coach to work with all teams and offer private keeper sessions
  • Winter team training starting in February for all teams.
  • Players will have the ability to play at the highest levels in the state
  • Team Training Fields


Birth Year Guidelines 

Spring 2021 Birth Year Guideline
2003- U18         2008- U13
2004- U17         2009- U12
2005- U16         2010- U11
2006- U15         2011- U10
2007- U14         2012- U9


League Games / Tournaments

Teams will participate in MYSA Soccer League.  League One (C1) teams will be expected to travel to find appropriate competition. Black (C2) and Blue (C3) teams will play teams from surrounding clubs.  

League play starts end of April and concludes mid July.

Teams decide what tournaments to attend throughout the season.  Teams should not attend more than 3 tournaments


Tryouts / Team Placement

- Please click here for Tryout details along with information on how teams are formed.

- Please click here for Selection Process

**Players signing up for competitive league play tryouts are agreeing to play league play.  Players can not switch to another program once teams are announced.


Practices / Location

If safely possible, dome sessions will start at the end of February. Due to the complexity of the Dome schedule with other groups, practice sessions will rotate nights. Dome session will conclude in to the first week of April.

Once again, dome practices will be dependent on the current situation in regards to COVID.

**Players may opt out of any dome practices if the family does not feel comfortable with the current COVID situation**

Once teams are outside, the practice location / time is determined by the coach.


Season Dates

Our hope is to have teams begin practicing 2X times a week at the end of February at the RCTC Dome.  Team Dome Times will be out once teams are made. Obviously this all depends on the current situation with COVID. If the teams are unable to practice in the dome, each player will have a discount on their fees.
Dome practices typically end in April, which is then followed by teams practicing outside 2 times a week.  Days/Times will be determined by the coach / game schedule.


Cost / Registration

Max Cost-
$475 for U9 and U10 players
$525 for U11-U18 players

** This year we will only charge $50 when you register. With to the uncertainty of the season due to COVID, we will not charge anything more unless we are able to safely practice in the dome at the end of February. We will keep everyone up to date as this will need to be a flexible. If we are unable to practice at the dome, families will see that discounted from the max amount. Families may back out of playing if they are uncomfortable with the COVID situation at the time, in this case, families will receive refunds minus expenses.

$25 Discount for families with multiple children playing

**Payment plan options will be available as you complete the registration

Deadline to register- October 9th for U11/U12 players, October 21st for U9, U10, U13 and older players.

To apply for Minnesota Rush Financial Aid, please fill out the pdf below and mail or email to Minnesota Rush. Any questions, please contact Annie Block at [email protected]

MN Rush Fin Aid.pdf

**When registering please choose the payment plan- this will only charge the $50 at this time.  If you do not choose the payment plan you will be required to pay the full amount.

Girls Registration please click here

Boys Registration please click here

Player cost covers:
  • Dome Sessions
  • Coaching Fees
  • Age group Staff Coaches
  • Goalkeeper Coach
  • All MYSA player fees
  • Insurance
  • Office expenses- Payroll / Marketing etc
  • Equipment
  • All Park & Rec Fees for Field Maintenance 
  • Team training fields
  • Website / Online registration platform
  • Team training equipment
  • Office staff



2021 Spring / Summer Season will be the last season for the current uniforms. All players will need to buy the new uniform starting Fall 2021.

All participants will be required to play with the MN Rush uniform kit. Kits will include home and away socks, shorts, and jerseys. Kits are currently anticipated to cost around $170 (this includes taxes and shipping) We will have these uniforms for 2 full years. Uniforms are at the office, inside Soccer World, for players to try on.  Please email the office or call to set up a time to stop by. PLEASE NOTE: With the new jerseys we are reassigning jersey numbers.  

Emails will come out throughout the winter months with instructions on how to order.



Please contact Neil at [email protected]