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Competitive Tournament Only program gives families the choice when it comes to competitive soccer within our club. The Tournament Only program will continue be coached by Tetra Brazil coaches and overseen by Angelo Tartaglia and Humberto Paulo. 

Team Formation
Teams will be formed by MN Rush Assistant Technical Director (Angelo Tartaglia) and Tetra Brazil Player Development Director (Humberto Paulo). MN Rush's Competitive Tournament Only program does NOT use tryouts to form teams. Teams are formed by using past coaching evaluations. Any new player to Tournament Only will be placed based on previous evaluation of their past program / club.  Please note, there are no friend requests. . Players aged U9 thru U19 are invited to register.

MN Rush Tournament Only teams will continue to contract coaches from Tetra Brazil if feasible. These coaches will continue to be selected by Humberto Paulo. Some of the details of the MN Rush training program are as follows: Teams will be coached according to the Club's curriculum. During the Spring U9-U12 Teams practice 2 times a week (these days will be determined by Angelo Tartaglia closer to the start of the season), U13-U19- practice 4 times a week
In addition, training only options are available for players who wish not to participate in tournaments.
Attendance is strongly encouraged, and absences may affect playing time. 

The MN Rush Competitive Tournament Only program is a training and tournament based program. Below are some details regarding this program. Tournaments are typically in the Twin Cities and held on the weekends. Each team will participate in 4 tournaments. The new MN Rush uniform kit (details below) will be required to participate in tournaments (U18 / U19 players will NOT be required to purchase new uniforms).  The four tournaments are:

**These have not yet been decided as clubs have to the end of the year to report the tournament they will offer. Teams will participate in the USA CUP Weekend or USA CUP tournament to conclude the year.

Please Note: Just like last year, we are NOT collecting USA Cup individual fees, and those fees will be payable directly to NSC for those players participating.

Tournament fees for these four tournaments will be collected at time of registration (we can make assumptions on what the team cost will be be). Note: Specific tournaments and/or dates are subject to change based upon availability.
If the team chooses to participate in additional tournaments, the team will need to collect the fees.


Registration / Cost

This year's competitive program fees are as follows:
- U8-U12- Training & Tournament 2x/week - $500
- U13-U19- Training & Tournaments 4x/week- $650
- U8-U12- Training ONLY 2x/week- $340
- U13-U19- Training ONLY 4x/week- $475

**$25 Multi Child Discount
**Payment plans are available upon registering**
**These fees DO NOT include Individual registration fees for the USA CUP, nor any additional tournaments the team choices to attend outside of the 4 included.

Girls Registration Please- online registration (click here) will open January 2nd

Boys Registration Please- online registration (click here) will open January 2nd

Registration Deadline- Feb 21st

To apply for Minnesota Rush Financial Aid, please fill out the pdf below and mail or email to Minnesota Rush. Any questions, please contact Kevin Lowery at [email protected]

MN Rush Fin Aid.pdf


2021 Spring Birth Year Guidelines 
2002- U19           
2003- U18           
2004- U17           
2005- U16           
2006- U15
2007- U14
2008- U13
2009- U12
2010- U11
2011- U10
2012- U09
2013- U08


2021 Spring Season Dates

The season is tentatively set to begin the first week of May and conclude USA Cup Weekend or USA CUP (middle of July)



2021 is the last session for the current uniform cycle. The new uniforms will need to be purchased starting Fall 2021.

All tournament participants will be required to play with the MN Rush uniform kit. Kits will include home and away socks, shorts, and jerseys. Kits are currently anticipated to cost around $170 (this includes taxes and shipping) We will have these uniforms for 2 full years. Uniforms are at the office, inside Soccer World, for players to try on.  Please email the office or call to set up a time to stop by. PLEASE NOTE: With the new jerseys we are reassigning jersey numbers.

Emails will come out throughout the winter months with instructions on how to order.


Practice Location

All Tournament Only teams will continue to practice at McQuillian Soccer Complex- (Previously known as Kepp Fields) - 20th Street SE and Marion Road Intersection Near the Armory 



Please contact Angelo at [email protected] or call 507-280-7584