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Selection Process


The selection process for making league teams is a multi-faceted approach with data used from tryouts and coaches on previous teams, the process is as follows:

- Download data from league apps and split players into age groups
- Mark players that want to try out up an age group
- Decide what classifications- Black, Blue, League One, etc we will have in age group
- Initially add players to a team based on previous season(s) (fall and spring) coach evaluations (ranking and comments are taken into account, for example commitment, technical and tactical). Players are moved up a level and down a level.
- Add in tryout rankings and move players based on how they did in tryouts
- Have a meeting with the age group coaches from the previous year and ask them to look at the teams and to argue cases for movement of players, either up or down. This must be agreed upon by the girls and boys Technical Director.
- Teams are finalized and selection of coaches begins. NOTE: We never place a player based on whether their mom or dad can coach. Teams are set first and then coaches are added.
- Players notified of their team placement.