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2021 Spring / Summer League Play Tryouts

Normally tryouts are held in early December at the RCTC Dome.  Due to dome capacity restrictions and to maintain fiscal responsibility, the Board of Directors and staff have decided to host tryouts for the 2021 season in late October.

As an organization, we recognize this might not be the best option for your family, but through a 3-week discussion process, we have found this to be the best option. 

Players wishing to attend tryouts must register for the 2021 season. During the registration process, you must answer "Yes" to the question- will you be attending tryouts. 

Tryouts are only for League Play Teams. Tournament Only teams will not have tryouts.

Tryouts are not required, but highly encouraged. Please find below the dates / times for age group tryouts.

We will have Select teams at U15 for Boys and Girls, U16 Boys and Girls, U17 Boys, U17/18 Boys, and U17/18 Girls.  These teams will be determined through the general tryouts. Players making these teams will be offered a spot and will have the option to accept or decline.

**Updated Tryout Schedule** Posted 11/19/20

Select Tryouts 
January 7th

U15 Girls 515pm-715pm

U15 Boys 730pm-930pm

January 9th

U16 Boys 800am-1000am

U16 Girls 1015am-1215pm

U17/18 Boys 1230pm-230pm

U17/18 Girls 245pm-445pm

League Team Tryouts

January 11th

U13 Boys 515pm-715pm

U15 Girls 730pm-930pm

January 12th

U13 Girls 515pm-700pm

U16 Boys 715pm-815pm

U16 Girls 830pm-930pm

January 13th

U14 Girls 515pm-645pm

U15 Boys 700pm-815pm

U17 Girls 830pm-930pm

January 14th

U14 Boys 515pm-700pm

U17 Boys 715pm-900pm

Goalkeeper Tryouts: they will take place during the age group tryouts

**Players signing up for competitive league play tryouts are agreeing to play league play.  Players can not switch to another club once teams are announced.
**Players trying out for a SELECT TEAM and do not make it can switch to another program within the club if they desire.


Tryout Process

The ultimate goal of tryouts is to have a ranking for every player in the age group completed by our technical staff. 

- As players enter the dome, they are randomly given a number which is loaded into a google spreadsheet.
- Evaluators line up players and cross check numbers with google spreadsheet
- Players are then randomly assigned a team to play on (number of teams and what we play 7v7 / 9v9 are dependent on the number of players signed up)
- We have a minimum of two fields, field A and field B.
- Field A can be considered the higher level of play and field B the lower
- Every 15 minutes players are moved between groups based on their ability
- At the end of the session the evaluators have ranked all players on their field 1-X (there are evaluators for each field and then a senior staff (Neil Cassidy and Angelo Tartaglia) member overseeing)
- Players are thanked and the dismissed 
- Information added to age group spreadsheet to help with the selection process



Tryout Day

Players must arrive 15-20min before their session is set to start.  

Players must sign in at the shed in the main parking lot.

There will be NO ONSITE REGISTRATION- all players must be registered prior to attending.

All Players must have cleats / turf shoes, shin guards, and inflated ball.


Birth Years

2002- U19            2007- U14
2003- U18          2008- U13
2004- U17           2009- U12
2005- U16           2010- U11
2006- U15           2011- U10
2007- U14

**Players can tryout for a team one age group older, however, they also need to tryout for their own age group- example- a 2007 can tryout for the U15 age group if they wish, but they also need to tryout for the U14 age group.  



There is NO additional cost.  Player registration fees take care of all tryout fees.

Players must be registered for the 2021 season to allowed to tryout- please click here to be directed to the registration page.

Deadline to register- October 9th for U11/U12 players, October 21st for U9, U10, U13 and older players.



1- What if I do not feel comfortable sending my child to tryouts due to COVID?  Tryouts are not mandatory. We ask that you reach out to either Neil and Angelo to make them aware.

2- What if I am busy the day of tryouts, is there another day? No, do to time constraints and weather, we will only have one tryout day. Tryouts are not mandatory, if you are planning to miss, please contact Neil or Angelo.

Please email Neil Cassidy at [email protected] or Angelo Tartaglia at [email protected] or call 280-7584


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