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Fuad Mansour Scholarship

Fuad Mansour, the "Father of Rochester Youth Soccer,” was very instrumental in the growth and popularity of soccer in the Rochester community. Fun, participation, volunteerism and skill development were his basic tenets. The Board of Directors of the Rochester Youth Soccer Association has sought to follow these tenets and, in so doing, wish to continue honoring Fuad for his lifetime of giving to the Rochester area soccer community. RYSA recognizes graduating high school seniors who have contributed to their communities through soccer. This year, RYSA will award up to five scholarships, from $250-$1000, to individuals who have consistently demonstrated Fuad's "heart" of volunteerism. Possible volunteer opportunities include things such as coaching, being a committee member, a registration assistance, providing field maintenance or equipment. Application for the scholarship takes place during the senior year of high school or for anyone returning back to school.

Applicants should be anyone looking to attend higher education that has been devoted to being a volunteer with RYSA.
  • Graduating high school seniors or adults returning to higher education
  • Planning to attend additional schooling immediately after high school
  • Contributors to the soccer community through volunteerism
  • Coaches: Make sure the youth assistants are registered.
  • Parents: Encourage your child to volunteer and document activities.
  • Youth: During middle school and high school, volunteer, get registered as a coach and document activities (i.e. what, where, when, names, etc.)
The scholarship should be used to continue the applicant's education at a two-year or four-year college/university.


  • Click on the Application document at the bottom of the page, print it, and complete it in a timely and professional fashion.
  • Attach one letter of recommendation which attest to your involvement in volunteering for RYSA.
  • Return all materials to:
    Rochester Youth Soccer Association
    Attention: Scholarship
    380 Woodlake Drive SE
    Rochester, MN 55904

Key Dates:
- Application Deadline May 15th 2018

 Thank you for your efforts in completing these requirements. We hope you will continue to contribute in your community and that you, in some way, stay active in soccer.

Scholarship Recipients
2016-2017 MaKayla Griffin, Nadia Lowery, Sydney Boyer
2015-2016 Allison Inrke, Lauren Keller, Jenna Rasmusson
2014-2015 Daniel Schembri Wismayer, Marc Tost, Dylan Wheeler, Rachel Edvenson, Brooke Kollman, Nick Steinmetz, Maia Determan
2011-2012 Hannah Hughes, Henry Ishitani
2010-2011 Mary Resman
2009-2010 Sara Backlund, Cassandra Bushman, Lauren Spohn and Julia Werning
2008-2009 Christina Mangan, Michael Movall, Justin Poe and Rachel Root
2007-2008 Katherine (K.C.) Beed, Nicole Brandt, Kor Cha, Alex Kuehl and Catherine Quinones
2006-2007 Susan Bielick, Megan Hermsmeier, Hans Herness, and Kathryn Zschunke
2005-2006 Portia Holtegaard, Makayla Lorsung, Greg Lucas, Paul Stellpflug and Melissa Tousley
2004-2005 Leslie Collins and Dan Beck
2003-2004 Meg O'Neill and Faith Dunn
2002-2003 Grant Collins and Jessica Yetzer
2001-2002 Nick Thompson and Catherine O'Neill
2000-2001 Meghan Kane and Kate Suchomel
1999-2000 Kristen Floryance and Stefan Streit
1998-1999 Leah Prendergast and Mike Rainey
1997-1998 Ryan Mcdonnell and Heather Fairclough
1996-1997 Edward Stenehjem and Matthew Rickert